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The Life Daytime Presents "Showfluencer!" A showcase of exceptional talent and skill in various areas including beauty, fashion, sports, food & more! Showfluencer features amazingly talented individuals who are truly gifted and we want to share that gift with you! You can see and follow our Showfluencers on our social media!

Fashion Showfluencer- Alisa Davis

showfluencer Alisa .jpg

My love for fashion started probably before I knew any better. I remember my Mom always telling me stories how she had to dress me up as a little baby because I was "BB" (Black & Bald) lol. So according to her and so many others, I was always dressed to the "NINES" and had a matching hat to go with every outfit.


Fashion is my way of introducing myself without having to say a word. I can tell the whole world about me and my personality just by the type of clothes I wear or the way I dress. It’s also a way to express myself. It provides me with a creative way that I can constantly change.


For me, fashion is wearing something which makes you look your best. It doesn’t necessarily have to be matched with the trends of the world as trends are temporary, they come and go.  Fashion focus should be more on personal classic styles and clothing which don’t lose their beauty even after years.


So anything that makes you comfortable and look beautiful to me is fashion. My Mom and my late grandmother is and was the epitome of style and grace so that’s where I've learned it from.


I always say if it’s ugly to everyone else I’ll wear it if it’s cute to me. Cause it’s not ugly but cute!!


~Why Beef with someone you can KILL by simply getting DRESSED~ Alisa

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